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Over the last 5 years, we have consulted various investors to facilitate development projects in Siem Reap with total investments exceeding over $5 Million.​

Listing & marketing

Listing & Marketing

Work with our agent to set a competitive asking price and create an attractive listing with photos and descriptions. Market the property through online platforms,open houses, and agent networks.

Listing & marketing

Offer & Negotiation

Review offers received and consider factors like price, terms, and contingencies. Negotiate with potential buyers through your agent to reach a mutually agreeable contract.

Listing & marketing


Buyer completes inspections (home, pest, etc.) and appraisal. Both parties work on fulfilling or removing contingencies like loan approval or property repairs.

Listing & marketing

Due Diligence & Contingencies

Sign closing documents at a neutral location like a title company's office. Transfer ownership, receive financial proceeds, and finalize outstanding transactions.